A blizzard, a smartphone, and a hotel window.

27 January 2016 § Leave a comment

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White Christmas, Dissolved

29 December 2014 § Leave a comment


in memory of Miriam White (1920-2014)

a half foot of snow from the 23rd
lies melting in Christmas Eve rain

so too lie tomorrow’s traditions
dissolved by a matriarch’s ash

re:lit IDAHO

27 August 2012 § Leave a comment

[water potential]

Item 1 of my Cross-Country Reads project = a photographic response to the following words from Fractals and Haiku by Sue Turner:

she gathers forget
in waters of the pious

Photograph © 2012 J.S. Graustein
re:lit is a series that regards and responds to literature across genres and eras

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