An Evening of NH Landscape Readings with Three Authors

Very excited to be reading in New Hampshire with my mentor and friend, William O'Daly. The Griffin Free Public Library is a cozy, historic venue with a lovely group of patrons. Hope to see you there!


Why I Translate: the Gift of Givre

My practice of translating poetry is more than just a decoding of what someone wrote in a tongue not my own. It’s the unlocking of thoughts, the unveiling of sights, and the unmuting of sounds that I would otherwise never imagine. These discoveries facilitate word-play and poetic insight as I interact with my Anglophone world.…Read more Why I Translate: the Gift of Givre


The sky turned black and we were stuck behind a three-mile line of cars. I'd tried to find a back way home from Megan's Boston doc but didn't figure in the five o'clock non-weekender just wanting to get home to Essex County, Mass (I'd hoped to roam its Whittier spaces). Rain began to pelt the…Read more RAIN [REGN]