Bare Essentials

Dallas 2011 preparations

I’m leaving for a solo trip to Dallas in an hour. Heading for my grandmother’s 90th birthday party, which is amazing in itself. Equally amazing is that I’m not taking my computer.

(If you know me, then you’re looking out the window now to see if pigs are flying.)

After making the decision NOT to pay $50 round trip for a checked bag, I started thinking minimal. And sure, I could bring my carry on plus a computer bag. But I started asking whether or not I NEEDED to. The answer? Not really.

This way I’ll be sure to actually visit rather than work. And if I feel the urge to work, I can read the stack of submissions that are languishing in my Nook. This is a good thing. My eyes will get a rest from computer screens. My submitters will finally be put out of their misery. And I’ll be able to get by with one small bag that will fit under my seat.

Of course this means my e-mail will pile up while I’m gone. Ah, sacrifices.


Preparing for Spring Break ’07

Less than 72 hours to go before we launch again. Where? England – with the whole family!

While England isn’t most people’s idea of a desirable Spring Break location, there’s no where else I’d rather go: the cool weather & overcast skies (i.e. no heat/sun-induced migraines), the train travel (i.e. no stress-induced migraines), the historical treasures (i.e. photographic & literary subjects)… I’m hoping to infect the kids with my Anglophilia and yet still manage to give Kurt the vacation he desperately needs.

We’ve been preparing since September 2006: tickets and reservations, passports for the kids, new rolling luggage, books (including a guide to British wildlife – sorely needed last trip), camera repairs, waterproof moccasins, sturdy travel umbrellas, and lots of English food (the kids needed to practice/be desensitized).
I’ve looked up the location of the internet cafes near our hotels, so I will try to post at least every other day. Once we reach Reading, I may even be able to post pictures. No promises, though. If there’s anything I’ve learned in traveling with our kiddos, it’s BE FLEXIBLE;-)