Film Noir

It’s a day of all things French today. Picked up a tap-n-go bus card that works a lot like the Metro passes. Ate brunch at a creperie run by French-speaking Algerians. Picked up petit pain et pain au chocolat at a French bakery (not run by French speakers). The sky was even in a melancholic mood, turning from blue to grey in the blink of an eye.

today's moody sky

And tonight? I’m off to an international film festival that promises to disturb and provoke thought, as well as entertain. But not even the darkest film will bring me down tonight BECAUSE I HAVE INTERNET ACCESS AGAIN. Not in an Alvarado Street eatery, but in my rented living room. Ah, luxury:-)

P.S. If you want today’s Coastal Meditation, here’s the link:


Facebook is Good for Something

my pearl

My daughter asked me to show her how to grab a picture off Google Images tonight to use as her Facebook profile picture. I refused. Then we had a little chat about copyright. Followed by a little stroll through my personal cache of photographs.

And something amazing happened: she latched on to one and asked me to show her how to do “that program where you fix stuff” (i.e. Lightroom). She’s a quick learner and has a great eye. Within 5 minutes, she turned a well-composed-but-flat image into the dreamy image above.

I’m one proud mom tonight:-)

P.S. This photo was taken on the beach in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on a foggy July day.