Alliterative Mock-Quiche

12 February 2015 § 2 Comments

a mini version made in a springform pan

a mini version made in a springform pan

Add barley flakes to boiling broth and cover.
Simmer — standing by to stir — for a quarter-hour.
Prepare a pie plate with some oil
then flatten the flakes to form a crust.
Add cod and kale (cooked ahead)
then whisk ricotta, water, and eggs.
Season with salt and a smidge of pepper.
Pour this potion atop the crust
so it fills all fissures ‘mongst flake and leaf.
Place the pie in a pre-heated oven:
four-twenty-five for fifteen minutes
three-fifty for a further hour.
Let it alone to lose some heat
then slide slices off spatula with a knife
(’twill keep the cod from coming off the grain).
Nutritious? Yes. Tasty? No.
Truthfully told, it’s bland.
But fair fare will suffice for now —
with a chaser of chocolate cookie.

Coastal Meditation 1

1 November 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve relocated to Monterey for a month in hopes of clearing my lungs. I’ve already managed to clear my head within minutes of arriving, thanks to a quick trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium while waiting for the rental office to open. Hopefully this video has the same effect on you:-)

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