Alliterative Mock-Quiche

Add barley flakes to boiling broth and cover. Simmer — standing by to stir — for a quarter-hour. Prepare a pie plate with some oil then flatten the flakes to form a crust. Add cod and kale (cooked ahead) then whisk ricotta, water, and eggs. Season with salt and a smidge of pepper. Pour this…Read more Alliterative Mock-Quiche

The Mustard Freeze – or LEAP Phase Limbo

After three painful and frustrating weeks in Phase 5 capped off with a mysterious reaction to mustard (i.e. not allergic nor enzyme related), my dietician put the process on hold. I'd only managed to add one food in Phase 5 and even that was iffy. I also noticed a correlation between my hormonal cycle and…Read more The Mustard Freeze – or LEAP Phase Limbo