exploring my new camera

Why is blue so often associated with depression? I look at this swath of color and immediately feel peaceful. Happy. Like a sunny day at Hermit Lake.

What does blue do for/to you?

photo of blue jeans under incandescent light taken with my new-to-me Nikon 3000 and a 55mm macro lens

Winter Ants

Winter Ants, originally uploaded by sudphoto.

Sums up my whole day: cold with no tea*, cleared of things thought important**, and filled with waiting for resolution***.

*Some of the ants thought my electric tea kettle would be a good place to relocate since the rain washed out their tunnels.

**Had to clear the counter of all our “essentials” and clear my schedule of errands to attend to the invasion.

***Due to the extra time spent with the ants, I was not able to resolve an issue with an e-book I was building. I also had to restrain myself from hoovering all the ants so that the bait could do its trick.