Water Ways

cover of Water Ways showing Lake Winnipesaukee
Click to purchase from the Folded Word shop
poetry by William O’Daly
prose & photographs by me

ISBN 978-1-61019-235-4
Paperback List Price: $16 US
Launch: 27 March 2017

Join William O’Daly and me on our poetic explorations of New Hampshire’s waterways. O’Daly’s work as a Research Writer at the California Department of Water Resources during the state’s multi-year drought and my training as an Aquatic Ecologist lend unique perspectives to the beauty of the Granite State’s “blue spaces.” From the Connecticut Lakes to the Seacoast, Otter Brook to the Salmon Falls River, and the circumnavigation of Lake Winnipesaukee, the poems, essays, and photographs in this book celebrate New Hampshire’s gateways to “the most serene surface, the silence / of what we no longer remember: who we are, / to whom the loon calls across the emptiness.”

Available in a locally-printed sustainable edition at the Folded Word shop, an accessible edition at Amazon’s Kindle shop, and a global edition at most online booksellers.

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