Folded Word

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As Editor in Chief of Folded Word, I have the privilege of running a press that explores the world one voice at a time through little books that breathe. I am blessed to work with talented and devoted volunteers who bring unique skill sets to each title we publish. I serve as the primary typographer, cover/book designer, and art director. Sometimes I provide cover art. Sometimes I provide calligraphy for micropoetry collections. But always, always I am on the lookout for new ways to bring organic elements into the digital world of 21st century chapbook publishing.

If you’d like to explore what the press is up to, the following links will be helpful:

  1. Folded Word’s weblog:
  2. unFold (our online poetry zine):
  3. Folded Word’s Facebook page: @foldedword
  4. Folded Word’s Twitter stream: @foldedword
  5. unFold‘s Twitter stream: @unFold_mag
  6. Folded Word titles on Goodreads: @ Folded Word Fan Club
  7. Folded Word’s YouTube channel: @foldedword


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