on the work-for-hire publication of HOW TO WRITE AN EXCEPTIONAL THESIS OR DISSERTATION for Atlantic Publishing

My tome began three months before
the World Cup 2010.
I had twelve weeks to take their notes
and send a book back in.

Through migraines, travels, and lost sleep
these 67,000 words
turned into cash which I then used
as my earned payment towards

a laptop for The Fold. I thought,
With all Atlantic’s rush
my book should come right out this spring.

(This thought now makes me blush.)

Another World Cup came and went.
I moved cross-country too.
I gave up hope of holding it;
what else was I to do?

But yesterday, the red mail van
arrived with box first sent
to California, then sent here—
its corners awfully bent.

Yet safe and crisp inside the box:
six copies of my tome.
Four years, one month, eleven days…
My book is in my home!

©2014 JS Graustein
Meredith, New Hampshire USA

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Let the Insanity Begin

Will the challenge leave me black and blue?
Maybe I had too much Chex Mix and chocolate over the holiday season, but I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the WordPress Post a Day challenge this year. Of all years, this is probably a good one to try because I’ll be traveling to Texas, New Hampshire, and FRANCE. I’ll also have the first book I’ve written (as opposed to edited) released this spring. And I’m expecting a new-to-me digital SLR in the mail any day now.

Glad there are no length requirements to the challenge. I have a feeling some posts may be more like twitpic tweets😉

Sorry for the Delay

So we’re already a month in and just now getting to the travel blog. In my defense, I’ve been a little busy with finishing up a book. A real book with a publisher and editor and deadlines and everything. Finally submitted the last of my pages yesterday so I’m free to blog now. Yeehaw!

Today was also Ian’s birthday. I had picked up LEGO cake pans for his cake back when we went to LEGOland in February. Nice thought, but the execution was a little…flawed. For the gory details, watch this:

Kurt finished his last day of work from the coffee table at his parents’ house, watching Netherlands v. Brazil and Uruguay v. Ghana in the World Cup. Wireless internet definitely has its advantages!

So long from New Hampshire for now. I’ll try to catch you up on the past month as we progress through the last two weeks of our travels. Will have to use photos as memory prompts, though.


Quotes of the Day

Ian (in response to a joke): You can’t chew water. It’s liquid!

Megan (when given a sibling-gift): Why do I get a present?

Book-writing Update

resting before jumping back into the fray

Writing a book in a condensed time frame plus running Folded Word has me too busy to blog these days. But for anyone interested, here’s where my non-fiction work-for-hire stands:

Words written: 40,995
Words to be written to meet goal: 24,005
Days left until final deadline: 21
Expert questionnaires sent out: 12
Expert questionnaires received: 4
Quote of the month: (from a friend, over lunch) “Sometimes the money just isn’t worth it.”


Cheap Diploma Substitute

Cheap Diploma Substitute
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Day 7:   After reading so many research texts extolling the joy of completing a graduate degree, I decided to dig out my diploma and stare at it for awhile–to remind myself that I really did it. Only, I can’t find it. I’ve got my high school and college diplomas, but no grad school. All I could find were sealed packets of transcripts and this 3×5 card, which I guess was designed to be my temporary proof-of-degree? Not the same. You’d better bet that when I finally find my diploma, I’m going to post a picture of me holding it. Then it’ll go into the safe.

Daily Data

  • words written: 0 (0 total)
  • pages of notes taken: 0 (6 total)
  • pages of research read: 62 (402 total)
  • experts approached for interview: 0 (7 total)
  • experts agreeing to interview: 0 (5 total)
  • Quote of the Day: (during search for M.S. diploma) *censored*
  • Link of the Day: Post-positivism

Endeavor to Persevere

Endeavor to Persevere
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Day 6:   Neither rain nor hail nor even migraine could keep me from my appointed research today. I may have done my reading with an ice pack on my head, but I did my reading. Think I’ll reward myself with a cozy British period drama from Netflix tonight.

Daily Data

  • words written: 0 (0 total)
  • pages of notes taken: 0 (6 total)
  • pages of research read: 118 (340 total)
  • experts approached for interview: 1 (7 total)
  • experts agreeing to interview: 0 (5 total)
  • Quote of the Day: “…remember the goal is to do the dissertation and graduate, so strive for adequately non-boring and forget burning interest…” from Evelyn Hunt Ogden’s Complete Your Dissertation or Thesis in Two Semesters or Less
  • Link of the Day: PhD Comics (Read multiple. I laughed ’till I cried.)

So Close Yet So Far

So Close Yet So Far
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Day 5:   So I had plans to plow through another research text today. Note the keyword “plans.” But a boy with a case of “The Mondays” rewrote my to-do list. I did squeeze in a little reading. And I found out that I’m officially enrolled in a literary publishing course in June–which means 5 days kid-free (and nonsense-free) thanks to my in-laws. The news couldn’t have come on a better day, because *DING!* I wanna get away.

Daily Data

  • words written: 0 (0 total)
  • pages of notes taken: 0 (6 total)
  • pages of research read: 25 (222 total)
  • experts approached for interview: 0 (6 total)
  • experts agreeing to interview: 1 (5 total)
  • Quote of the Day: (from my son’s principal) “Um, we’re having another problem at school this morning.”
  • Link of the Day: Wanna Get Away?