Love/Hate – or LEAP Phase 3/4

Thank God for tea.

Thank God for tea.

Phases 3-4 were only 7 days apiece since I didn’t have any allergic reactions (YAY!). I did, however, have some pretty nasty enzyme-related issues; the last one was so bad I went back to only Phase 1-2 foods for 48 hours.

I love that I get to have tea again, but hate how wired just a half cup makes me. I love that I get to have chocolate again, but hate that I can no longer eat chickpeas (i.e. socca & hummus). I love that the ale yeast Harpoon uses in their hard cider doesn’t mess me up, but hate that the baker’s yeast Wasa uses in their sourdough rye crackers does. In other words, I love the anticipation of trying a new food, but hate the disappointment when one doesn’t work out…

…especially when the bad reaction is completely unexpected. Like cashews. 48 hours later and I’m still nauseous.

The lists of Phases 3 & 4 foods were so short that I’m grouping them together below. In addition to the foods from Phase 1 & Phase 2, my list now looks like this:

  • string beans
  • chickpeas (enzyme problem)
  • cocoa
  • pistachio nuts
  • basil
  • tea
  • cashews (enzyme problem)

Going forward, I hate that I’ll have to hold off on Phase 5 until I’m back to rights; I’m hoping it will be worth the wait. But even with all the hiccups in Phases 3-4, I do love that I’ve lost another 2.5 pounds:-)


2 thoughts on “Love/Hate – or LEAP Phase 3/4

  1. i’ve been behind because of surgery but looking forward to catching up on your doings. looks like quite an undertaking, this diet thing. sorry for no caps, can only type with left hand right now.

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