Calming Down – or LEAP Phase 2

Like this photo?

Trees Drawn by Ice

It’s a pattern the ice made on my front steps last week. I think it looks like a leafless maple surrounded by ice-bent pines. I took it with my DSLR + macro lens — the macro lens I hadn’t been able to use in 13 months because I couldn’t hold still enough to get crisp detail on tiny subjects. Until now.

That’s right: by the end of LEAP Phase 2, my as-yet-unexplained tremors vanished. Neither my dietician nor I expected the diet to eliminate them. (We had hoped it might calm them a little once my body was less stressed in general.) By the end of October they’d gotten so bad that I had to carry around a folding cane just in case I got wobbly while out and about. I’d also stopped playing the bass, doing calligraphy, and hand-binding books because my hands were no longer coordinated enough. There were even days I couldn’t type. Now I’m back.

I did have to stay in Phase 2 for 2.5 weeks because I continued to have allergic reactions to some of the challenge foods. The extra time was worth it, though, since my tremors left AND:

  • I lost 6 more pounds (total of 14).
  • My hearing improved because my ears drained.
  • My blood sugar stabilized.
  • I can now tolerate some raw fruits and veggies.

The biggest blessing of Phase 2 was getting olive oil back. Ghee was really messing with my gall bladder. Plus baking is much easier now that I can just pour some oil in the batter and stir, rather than bringing eggs to room temperature so they don’t re-solidify the ghee before mixing is complete. So now in addition to my Phase 1 foods, my Phase 2 list looks like this:

    • salmon
    • shrimp
    • chicken (allergic)
    • rye
    • barley
    • spelt (allergic)
    • tomato
    • cranberry
    • apple
    • sunflower seeds (allergic)
    • maple
    • leek
    • mint
    • cane sugar & molasses
    • yeast (enzyme problem)
    • olive oil

My combined list of foods is finally long enough to cook some things my whole family will eat. Like waffles. And BBQ beef (I’ll share the recipe this week). Still, I’m REALLY looking forward to Phase 4 when I can try TEA again:-)


3 thoughts on “Calming Down – or LEAP Phase 2

  1. Whoa!!! More amazing results! I can’t believe I just stumbled on this now. Probably b/c I’ve been off Facebook for a while. Missed it all. but I’m back, and glad to have found this!

    • Thanks, K! I totally understand about not having time for Facebook (especially with that stack of grading it looks like you have to get through). Thanks also for the encouragement. My motivation level ebbs and flows depending on whether or not a challenge food has knocked me for a loop. Hoping to get my list long enough to be able to travel again:-)

      PS. I tried to moderate comments on my phone but the app hiccuped and I may have lost your first comment.

  2. Motivation levels ebb and flow … no doubt. Playing such close attention to diet is a tremendous amount of work, not only the work of the diet itself, but, as you say, dealing with how you respond to what you eat. Keep your eye on the prize, J.S. — the desire to travel again!!!!! You will get there : )

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