Aayuhh, That’s New Hampsha

The Larcom Eclogues: Poems from the Foot of Her MountainsThe Larcom Eclogues: Poems from the Foot of Her Mountains by Brian Scott Kelley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found this chapbook at an indie bookstore in Center Harbor, NH. I like to “vote with my dollars” and buy chapbooks any time I find them in shops. While some of the poems in this chapbook spent a little too much time calling attention to themselves (like mentioning the typewriter upon which they were composed or talking about the paper they were printed on), others were truly enjoyable. I loved how naturally certain aspects of New Hampshire’s culture were embedded in the poems. I mean really, how often do you read a poem about frost-heaves? My favorite poem in the collection was “farmer spring plowing” where he compares his writing with his neighbor’s farming—both of them working simultaneously in a kind of literary agriculture that was also mentioned in Robert Bringhurst’s What Is Reading For? All in all this chapbook was fun to read as I explore winter for the first time in my summer home.

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