Prelude No1

The first Grayestone Journal is now available for purchase SOLD in the first hour through the Folded Shop, $9 US + $3 shipping ($6 int’l).

purchase from the Folded Shop
first blank journal of the series


  • 4.5″ wide / 5.5″ high / 0.3″ thick
  • 80 pages, celadon green parchment
  • 5 signatures, 2 signatures have custom fold-outs
  • 1 of 1, numbered and signed on last page
  • title page can be customized with buyer’s choice of words/name in calligraphy (uncial in black ink)
  • binding: 4 needle stitch, beeswax-coated Irish linen, embroidered with colored floss
  • cover: ultra-flexible softcover made with “Europa” archival paper from 7gypsies
  • disclosure: paper from reams salvaged from a university press, so some corners are dinged a bit

Additional photos available on Flickr. I am happy to answer any questions posted in the comments section.

IF YOU MISSED THIS ONE and would like a heads-up when the next one is released, please comment below and let me know. I’ll email you when the time comes.


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