One Thing Leads to Another

I’ve been hearing The Fixx in my head a lot lately because since spring, one thing has led to another and another and another. The combined effect has turned into a crazy backlog in the Folded Word publication calendar as well as a record total of 900 unanswered emails (and counting). The chain, you ask?

record rainfall>>killer allergies>>recurring illness>>finding allergist>>prescribed changes to the house>>moving/thinning furniture & figurines>>painting>>temporary storage of overflow in my office

Even though I’ve thrown out 4 huge bags of trash, filled my trunk with items for Goodwill, and culled 10 boxes of books to be re-distributed, the overflow in my office looks like this:

Could you work in this?

Somehow I’ve got to dig out my guillotine so that I can launch Ben Nardolilli’s chapbook. I also need to prep for the talk I’m giving at Surprise Valley Writers Conference. Anyone have a spare shovel?



3 thoughts on “One Thing Leads to Another

  1. No shovel or even an idea. I think your office looks downright tidy, by the way. Anyway, keep plugging away and it will be all right. I only have 65 unanswered emails, so feeling pretty light right now! Hang in there and let me know if you decide to have a garage sale.

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