Magnificent Ceiling

magnificent ceiling, originally uploaded by sudphoto.

When I get home and have time to process everything, I’ll have to make a ceiling collage. Megan is laughing at me for taking so many ceiling pictures (especially in places like the Louvre where there are other things to see), but I can’t help it. There’s a symmetry to the architecture here that drives me to find the center of a room, bend back until I’m parallel with what’s above me, and snap the shutter. And isn’t a view like this worth it?


6 thoughts on “Magnificent Ceiling

  1. Perhaps bending your head back so far is cutting off the blood supply to your brain a bit. But, yes, it is a lovely ceiling. I’m afraid I’m in Megan’s camp on this.

  2. I love your ceiling view! And don’t feel strange… I wander around looking at the floors in churches and cathedrals, thinking that I could use the designs as quilting patterns. Have you got more photos? Would love to see them.


    1. I have a ton more. In fact I’ve taken so many that while my daughter was sleeping the other night, she said “Oh no, now I’m the one taking pictures of the ceiling!” I’m dying to know what she was dreaming about:-)

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