First Stop: NH

After a flight that included two ground delays due to a scratch on the door and re-routing for weather, the kids and I arrived safely in a cool, wet New Hampshire evening. When Ian wasn’t playing Angry Birds on his iTouch, he was holding his plush Angry Bird and watching the guy across the aisle play a “seasons” version of the game on his iPad. Megan and I, on the other hand, took turns sharing music with each other. At one point we realized we had the same song on both our iPods, so we had fun trying to push play at the same time and lip-sync together. One time we almost got it (about 1/4 second off).

walking up the driveway
The family, the lane, the perfect day

We woke to a perfect Thursday: balmy, blue sky with cotton clouds, and few bugs. The kids took their first walk with Grammy & Grampa, complete with the neighbor’s dog. Ian shopped for hardware with Grampa. Megan and I shopped at the outlet mall for last minute France needs. But even with all the activity, we had a bit of trouble falling asleep at a decent hour since our bodies were still on California time.

Today I got a chance to hang out with one of my authors, Mel Bosworth, in Keene. It’s a beautiful drive along rolling hills and rocky streams–the stereotypical New England scenery. The drive home wasn’t quite as peaceful, though, because all the weekenders “shared” the road with me. I came home to newly homemade vanilla cupcakes that Ian & Grammy made. Megan had made dog biscuits with Grammy the day before. I know which one I enjoyed eating more!

And then it rained. Brisk, straight-falling, evening rain. Even with the late rains we got at home, there’s nothing like a July rain to set my spirits right. Mmmmm, I think I might actually begin to relax soon:-)

Cheers! ~Jessi

Quotes of the Day:

Megan (on the last leg of the flight): You know, Mom? Today was actually fun.

Ian (after Grammy asked if he like the corn we ate): Um, yeah. It was good. Not good enough for seconds, but good enough to clean my plate.


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