Coincidental Oddities

HailJune-0852, originally uploaded by sudphoto.

Both fortune and hail came into my possession on the same day I announced my promotion to Editor in Chief of Folded Word. A portent, perhaps?


4 thoughts on “Coincidental Oddities

  1. I’m always amazed at how encouraging simple words can be when born from cookies. Just a few days ago I dusted off the crumbs, learned how to say ‘egg roll’ in Mandarin, and flipped the slip of paper over to find “You are headed in the right direction.”

    1. I sometimes get ones that make no sense at all. But this one was a little spooky. The hail in June in California was spooky, too. My daughter knew how to handle it all, though. She scraped up some hail that collected on our balcony and put it in the freezer to examine later:-)

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