Come Fly with Me

On the way home from my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration, I got the rare opportunity to sit in a window seat. The Dallas skies were a solid, smooth blanket of grey when we took off, so I thought I’d be spending most of my time reading chapbook submissions on my Nook. But then somewhere over Utah, the clouds parted and I couldn’t keep my finger off the shutter of my new camera. Fortunately, the guy sitting next to me was sleeping with his iPod on. I did get a few strange looks from the flight attendants. But when the muse strikes, she strikes. Ignoring her only leads to regret. Yes?

3 thoughts on “Come Fly with Me

  1. Amazing video / landscapes / aerial views! What a ton of editing to put this together. So beautiful, the views from the sky ~

  2. Thanks, Karyn. It was a lot of fun. The biggest chore was boosting the contrast on all the photos. The glare on the window had made them all a bit washed out. Now I think I’m addicted;-)

  3. So cool, Jessica…You are truly an artist. I’m being totally objective, even if I’m your mom.

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