Adjusting My Perspective

Had a bit of panic this weekend, walking the bookshelves of B&N and feeling overwhelmed by the volume. So many voices, so many titles, all begging to be heard. I began to wonder how I’ll ever get my authors heard in the midst of it.

Then on Monday, a tornado touched down 50 miles north of us. In California.

By the time the weather alert came on the TV, the whole thing was over. So it was nothing compared to the nights I spent in Illinois huddled in hallways and sleeping in basements. But it was enough to turn my office dark in the middle of the afternoon.

I stepped out on the balcony and took this photo, facing east:


When I turned to face south, though, I saw this:

Hole in the Clouds

It was such a living metaphor. All I had to do was turn around for a path to the sun. So I turned back to my work sending out PR pitches to the local media. Amazingly, two hours later I had an interview scheduled with the local NPR affiliate. Crazy!

Just like the clouds.


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