Same Moment 35 Years Apart

man with milk can on back riding a bicycle
never-ending journey uphill

I was looking for photos in my stash that might be used to build the Freight Collective webpage. For as many times as we’ve moved and driven cross country, I was sure I had some photos of vans filled with boxes or convoys of 18 wheelers. Instead, I ran across this. It is a scan of a slide my grandpa took in the 1970’s when he and my grandma toured (West) Germany and Austria. At first I thought, “This dear man has been pedaling uphill for 35 years and he’s not even breaking a sweat.” But then I looked closer and saw what appears to be an exhaust pipe. Could this be a moped? Or a bicycle converted into a motorcycle? My grandpa was always one for a good invention. This image, preserved from a stack of crumbling slides, allowed me to share an experience with him. Asynchronously, but still. I can hear him tell me a story through this image. And that’s a pretty neat trick considering he’s been gone for 15 years.

photo © 1974  A.C. White, taken in Lauterbrunnen


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