Lend Me Your Eye

How much photo manipulation is too much? When I bought Adobe InDesign last year to produce Folded Word’s books, it came with Photoshop. I’d always dreamed of having a “real” version of Photoshop because I kept seeing recipes for doing cool things to digital photos–recipes that called for features that Photoshop Elements didn’t have. And yet, I ended up owning Photoshop for a whole year without once trying to use it. Until today.

And now I’m torn. Below is an original photo taken with my mobile phone. The only manipulation was tweaking exposure and white balance in Adobe Lightroom (which I love and have used since it was first released).

Post-Rain Sky I
Post-Rain Sky I

In the next version of the photo, I applied infrared (opacity=70%) from the adjustment options.

Post-Rain Sky II
Post-Rain Sky II

In the third version, I jacked up the saturation and then played with cross processing levels.

Post-Rain Sky III
Post-Rain Sky III

In the last version, I took the cross processing off and then played with the film grain filter.

Post-Rain Sky IV
Post-Rain Sky IV

And I can’t decide whether I like any of the manipulated ones any better than the original. Anyone have any strong opinions? Anyone play with Photoshop a lot and have a favorite filter or adjustment that I should try? I’ve only ever taken one photography class…with black and white film. So this is brand new territory for me. All suggestions and feedback welcome:-)


2 thoughts on “Lend Me Your Eye

  1. Thanks, Karyn. Dorothee sent me some interesting takes on the original. One of them is really inspiring, so I’ll probably blog it soon…once the words gel.

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