Winter Ants

Winter Ants, originally uploaded by sudphoto.

Sums up my whole day: cold with no tea*, cleared of things thought important**, and filled with waiting for resolution***.

*Some of the ants thought my electric tea kettle would be a good place to relocate since the rain washed out their tunnels.

**Had to clear the counter of all our “essentials” and clear my schedule of errands to attend to the invasion.

***Due to the extra time spent with the ants, I was not able to resolve an issue with an e-book I was building. I also had to restrain myself from hoovering all the ants so that the bait could do its trick.


3 thoughts on “Winter Ants

  1. My grandma used to have ants in the house all summer long and there was one that got underneath my shirt and bit the hell out of my back. Not funny.
    I totally understand what it is like to have something mess up your schedule, happens to me too.

    1. Ouch–sounds awful! My daughter once had literal ants in her pants after playing on a gravel pile. I understand the role ants play in the wild, I just wish they wouldn’t try to bring it inside.

  2. Double ouch (your daughter). Ha ha, I doubt you can tell nature to stay away. If it weren’t for the biting, they’d be fine, definitely not as gross as other bugs, like cockroaches.

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