ePub schmePub

I’ve sunk two complete work days into figuring out how to take an ePub file generated from InDesign, tweak it to look right, and then repackage it into a new and improved ePub file. Because I don’t think I’m the only one that would like to have page breaks after each short story/poem in a chapbook. Or have a title page actually look like a title page. Or even, and I know this is asking a lot, to have the names of referenced journals italicized.

After a lot of yelling and eating of cake, I finally figured out that my problem was actually the unzip/zip procedure. Thanks to my IT Knight in Shining Armor, the key to the mystery was discovered at WebVivant  — except for one thing. My Windows 7 computer didn’t have the necessary zip and unzip utility installed. It does now. Thank you, IT Knight!

And so tomorrow I will sink a third day into turning a 23 page chapbook into an ePub file for the Nook. I sure hope somebody buys it after all this.


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