Birthday Bass

Birthday Bass
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As I shift from non-fiction back into poetry and historical fiction, I have realized that I’ve lost a bit of my rhythm. To get my rhythm back, I’ve decided to learn how to play the electric bass guitar. I’m hoping it’ll help my words rock again. Hope with me?


4 thoughts on “Birthday Bass

  1. I am allergic to blogs. But I love my sister.

    Kudos, Jessi for keepin’ it together under pressure 🙂

    Keep it up! You and Adam Clayton will be swappin’ stories over a pint o’ Guinness in no time ;-D

    1. Ha ha! I think marching band and tap dancing recitals are the real contributors to the success. But I do love playing my bass. I recently bought a practice book of Pink Floyd songs. Fun bass lines–too hard for me now but gives me something to work toward. Thanks for braving the blog. Hope you didn’t get hives;-)

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