Crazy Weather

I landed in Boston for a publishing course today. The kids are getting a week of being spoiled rotten with their grandparents. On the drive to Boston, we hit sheets of rain. I managed to get all my luggage in to the dorm just before a fourth sheet hit. After dinner, the sun came out for a bit and I saw this:


Quotes of the Day:

Ian: I wish you were already in Boston so I could visit with Grammy and Grampa without you. (Probably because I wouldn’t let him have maple candy just before the trip to the store.)

Megan: What do you mean I don’t have any minutes left? Are you saying I can’t talk to anyone for the whole trip?!? (That’s why we have unlimited texts.)

My Dorm Roomie: (to her kids on the phone) Well…Grandma loves Clorox…

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