Cheap Diploma Substitute

Cheap Diploma Substitute
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Day 7:   After reading so many research texts extolling the joy of completing a graduate degree, I decided to dig out my diploma and stare at it for awhile–to remind myself that I really did it. Only, I can’t find it. I’ve got my high school and college diplomas, but no grad school. All I could find were sealed packets of transcripts and this 3×5 card, which I guess was designed to be my temporary proof-of-degree? Not the same. You’d better bet that when I finally find my diploma, I’m going to post a picture of me holding it. Then it’ll go into the safe.

Daily Data

  • words written: 0 (0 total)
  • pages of notes taken: 0 (6 total)
  • pages of research read: 62 (402 total)
  • experts approached for interview: 0 (7 total)
  • experts agreeing to interview: 0 (5 total)
  • Quote of the Day: (during search for M.S. diploma) *censored*
  • Link of the Day: Post-positivism

5 thoughts on “Cheap Diploma Substitute

  1. I have my college diploma matted, framed and hanging above my writing desk. It is a constant reminder of fortitude & since it was for a BFA a reminder that I really do have some creative juices – I just need to sluice them.

  2. oh i just LOL about the censored part!

    i think it took me a year before i finally framed my MFA diploma. Very simple frame and hanging in the hall way. just dusted it to. 🙂

  3. To be honest, I think the reason it is missing is because I pulled it out at some point to frame it…then never got around to it. So it is lost in one of my “someday” piles somewhere.

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