8 am vs. 5 pm

8 am vs. 5 pm
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Day 3:   If you look at the stats below, it doesn’t look like I made much progress today. Little wonder. Look at the state of my desk this morning! (It’s been that way for weeks, if I’m honest.) And after the chaos that was mommyhood today, I had to control what I could. So. Tomorrow morning, before the children wake up, I have a date with my books and my pencils and my notebook and…my CLEAN desk.

Daily Data

  • words written: 0 (0 total)
  • pages of notes taken: 0 (6 total)
  • pages of research read: 5 (197 total)
  • experts approached for interview: 0 (6 total)
  • experts agreeing to interview: 2 (4 total)
  • Quote of the Day: (from my mom) “I don’t need to scan my photos if it means you have to waste time cleaning your desk.”
  • Link of the Day: Real Simple’s 5 Rules for Working from Home

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