Hot Day, Cool Cruise

Junior Does Lunch

Today was the hottest, muggiest of our vacation. It was also the sunniest. So even though Kurt had to work, I took the kids to ride the M/S Mount Washington. The 2.5 hour cruise coursed through the hazy waters of Lake Winnepesaukee while boaters waved, honked, and raced us. Ian loved the lunch and talking with another boy about LEGO’s. Megan loved taking pictures of the water stirred up by the ship. I loved the cool breeze coming through the window.

For those of you that missed my writer’s blog post about Junior (the stuffed frog), he’s become a combination muse/mascot. Megan, in particular, is quite taken with setting him up for photo shoots. As you can see in the picture above, she’s quite good. What you can’t see in the photo is the silliness that accompanies these endeavors. So I captured it on video for you:


Quotes of the Day

Ian: I’d love to live on a boat like this.

Megan: I’d love to work on a boat like this.


2 thoughts on “Hot Day, Cool Cruise

  1. Jessi, I loved to hear the giggle from you and your daughter. And what is it about our son’s that like to shoot things up? 12 more days until mine has to put his “gun” away and return to school.

  2. Lots of fun. I’m hoping the gun thing is just a phase from being here surrounded by enthusiasts. And that it will magically fade on the airplane ride home…

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