Bricks and Breaks

On the way to our annual raspberry-picking extravaganza Monday, we stopped at the SEE Science Center in Manchester. It was a cute little place, tucked into one of the converted brick mills along the Merrimack River. We didn’t even pause in the upper/entrance level, though. We’d heard rumors of a massive LEGO display downstairs, at mini-figure scale (55:1).


We weren’t disappointed. Volunteers had built a recreation of the entire millyard circa 1850. Better still, a model train ran through the entire project with a camera attached so we could see it at mini-figure level. The kids even found the perfect place to stand so they could wave and make it on TV. There were other fun displays, but the LEGO’s definitely stole the show. And admission was much cheaper than a trip to LEGOland!

Yesterday, Mum took the kids to the library and shopping so that I could have a “Grand Day Out” in Keene. Even though Kurt had to work, I wasn’t alone in my travels. One of my writing friends (and first author for Heron) met me there for a laid-back tour. Mel was a great sport; braving my notebook with two full pages of amusements complete with addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, and admission fees with a smile and a shake of his head. In my defense, I never meant for us to hit it all. Just wanted to be prepared. And even he had to admit the Wyman Tavern Museum tour was a one of a kind experience. How often do you find a 20-something man dressed in breeches and buckled shoes who’s excited to talk about rolled glass and antique books?

Otter Brook

The Otter Brook Recreational Area was another gem. Writers love solitude, and we found it. Though probably only because it was a Thursday. And overcast. And I guess technically it wasn’t solitude since we were there together, but still. We were able to spend hours next to the river and reservoir without bugs (insect or human). Well, there was one family playing in the sand. Oh, and that short bus dropped campers off for a crazy game of soccer. But it still felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Alas, today is back to the grind. Kids to corral. Manuscripts to edit. Drafts to write…


Quotes of the Day

Ian: (while giving a 3 inch piece of his chenille yarn to his great grandmother) Here’s something for you to remember me by.

Megan: It may have taken 50,000 man hours to build it [the LEGO project], but now they need to spend time dusting it!


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