Portsmouth Encore

Banke Sunflower

This picture, though taken in Portsmouth, has nothing to do with my opening paragraph. But who doesn’t like a nice sunflower shot? Kurt and I enjoyed our first trip to Portsmouth so much last year, we decided to take the kids this year. Since it was Saturday, though, we slept in. So by the time we arrived, lunch was the first order of business.

We walked down the main streets of town, looking for something we all would like. Ian begged for pizza. Megan just wanted to shop in the boutiques. Then Kurt and I spotted the Portsmouth Brewery, overlooking a row of townhome-style shops that could be straight out of England. Once we had our table, Ian sniffed the air and declared that it smelled like England. Megan said it looked like one of the pubs we ate at in London. My fish n’ chips were very well done, I must say.

With FULL bellies, we waddled toward the Strawberry Banke Museum. This is a fenced off section of neighborhood in the now-filled-in Puddle Dock area near shore. Historic homes, one dating back to the 1600’s, have been restored (or partially restored) and interpreters roam the streets dressed in period costume. The kids were “forced” to discuss the changes in coinage during WWII before being allowed to explore the 1940’s candy counter. Kurt enjoyed the Victory garden and I enjoyed the William Pitt Tavern. And the kids enjoyed the hands-on center in the Jones House:


Quotes of the Day

Ian: (Exchange with Grampa after getting home)

Grampa, “What is it like to have an older sister?”

Ian, “Obnoxious, all capital letters with no strings attached!”

Grampa, “And what does obnoxious mean?”

Ian, “I don’t know. But it sounds good.”

Megan: Mom, you’re not taking my picture next to that Union Jack! I’ll take yours.


2 thoughts on “Portsmouth Encore

  1. Yes, the quotes are what keep me writing these. Video is a new addition, thanks to Megan letting me steal her camera;-)

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