Cottage Fun

With the house full-to-bursting with four generations living in (including Kurt’s brother’s crew), Kurt’s parents rented a cottage on the lake for “overflow parking.” Beautiful weekend for it, too. The sun actually came out to warm the water yesterday–hence Megan’s company on the beach after her lesson instead of her retreat to the warm car like previous days.


Fortunately before the kids and I met up with the gang at the cottage, Kurt texted to alert me to a septic tank problem. Me without bathroom access is a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. So we stopped at the local McDonald’s for a snack and facility break. Only this is no ordinary McDonald’s. Since we’re in an upscale resort town, there is a stone-front fireplace in the dining room. And there’s a talking moose-head that doubles as a security camera. On my first trip to the loo, Mr. Moose reminded me of the benefits to purchasing a vanilla laté. Creepy.

Once we finally made it to the cottage, though, things settled down. Ian learned how to kayak. Megan swam out to the dock (farther than in lessons). Karl’s family sunned on the dock without the biting flies that usually descend. And then the “8 & up” cousins enjoyed a lazy afternoon of fishing. Ah, summer.


Quotes of the Day

Ian: (after we shouted instructions so he didn’t float out to sea on the kayak)
Oh uh, yeah. Ha ha. Thanks for the tip.

Megan: (after we took some goofy pix)
It’s like I’m at Sunsplash with my friends, not my mom!


5 thoughts on “Cottage Fun

  1. Yes, it is. Behind my granny shades & bug-off hat that prevent migraines. I’m lookin’ wicked cool, if I do say so myself:-P

  2. just the sound of the water in that video makes me feel peaceful, reminds me of going to swim in the sound waters of my childhood on the NC coast 🙂

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