Day to Day

lesson 1 2009
Yesterday the kids enjoyed their first swim lesson for the 2009 season. Their instructor from last year was back again–always a treat to watch Nick with the kids. The beach was busy due to perfect July weather.

Ian found a gaggle of boys to hang with; joining them in a game of monkey-in-the-middle with a water frisbee AND a swim to the dock without float supports (or his mother). Megan’s little friend from last year didn’t stay to play after lesson, so Megan sat on the beach texting and working on her tan.

favor for Nick

Today, however, a cold front moved in. Rain overnight left behind a gentle 62 degree breeze. But no lightning to call a halt to the noontime festivities. Megan reluctantly reported for duty. Even Nick breathed in that ice-stabbing -80F way.

But not Ian. He scarfed his PB&J sandwich then dove in–and continued to swim, even when Nick brought the class to shore to warm up. Ian, being the only person in the whole lake, agreed to play drowning victim so Nick could give instructions on shore-to-water rescue techniques. When it was Megan’s turn to try saving her brother, Nick reminded her: Don’t hit the victim in the face with the torpedo. She obeyed. But once Ian grabbed it, she yanked it so hard and fast that Ian got “sand burn” on his belly. Ah, sibling love;-)


Quotes of the Day

Ian: This water is “I dare you to step in” cold.

Megan: I can’t even feel my feet, they’re so white.


2 thoughts on “Day to Day

  1. I don’t keep a baby book–this is my replacement. I really should back up all these stories…

    But the quotes are scribbled down in my journals–and yes, they come in quite handy;-)

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