In League with Women-Writers

I’ve never been a big one for feminist ideals. Though I enjoy my right to vote and my access to education, the truth is I could have been happy 1000 years ago milking cows and sewing my own wimples. Actually 1000 years ago I would have died at age 11 without becoming a woman, so I guess it doesn’t pay to play “what if.”

Still, I am so jazzed to have my work included in I Can’t Be Your Virgin and Your Mother. Crytal Folz, the passionate editor of the collection, caught me by complete surprise when I submitted to another of her projects. Her goal? To collect as wide a range of poetry’s underground female voices as possible, speaking as candidly as possible. She’s certainly succeeded.

Not only do I have four poems in the collection, but a two-paragraph first-person bio (very intimidating to write). If you’re brave enough, check it out on page 29 along with my poems on pages 30-31: Wish I Did, On Our Anniversaries, Puzzle Child, and For a Moment She Lets Him Go.

Limited edition print copies are available. If you’re interested, the ordering info is on the Shoots and Vines website. I might even sign my pages if you’re nice to me;-)

Safety Goggle: I Can’t Be Your Virgin and Your Mother

(think before you read)
my content *pages 29-31 = TV-PG (D V)
other content = TV-14 (D L S V) & some MA (L)


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