One Nemesis Revealed

Got a lovely Mother’s Day present from Twitter. The second installment of “Dakar 1989” went live today at Nanoism.

They say everything you write reveals something about yourself, whether fiction or non. Today’s story-tweet places a major source of anxiety for me in neon lights. To this day, I must have an aisle seat. Always. On planes, in trains, in church, at the cinema–anything short of an aisle seat and I’m white knuckled with a migraine.

But I’m good today. My family served me breakfast in bed: my husband’s homemade scones, maple sausage, and Irish Breakfast Looseleaf tea. (Ooooh, that was a subtle topic switch…)

Give the moms/mums in your life a hug today!

Safety Goggle: Dakar 1989 at Nanoism

(think before you read)
my content = TV-PG
other content = TV-PG


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