Love from One Night Stanzas

I enjoy dishing out compliments. Too much, I think, as a friend of mine recently threatened to throw a pie at me if I did it again. Did I stop? NO WAY. I’m not afraid of pies–boxed them, served them, chucked them for 2 years at Baker’s Square.

What was I saying?

Compliments. Right. I’m always surprised when compliments are returned. But today, they were returned in a very big way from one of the poets I’ve worked with at Form.Reborn. Claire Askew hosts a lovely blog called One Night Stanzas and works as Editor in Chief of Read This. Today she bestowed the honor of Featured Magazines #12 on Form.Reborn–going so far as to say, “Jessi (the aforementioned editor) is a very cool customer: incredibly friendly and running a seriously tight ship.” WOW.

Think I’ll dust my tap shoes off & do a jig!



3 thoughts on “Love from One Night Stanzas

  1. Kindness begets kindness. Sometimes it begets a pie in the face too, but at least the pie is delicious.

    Nice work, Jessi. You paint the warmth with a gigantic brush.

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