Look–There’s a Dolphin!

Karl the Grill-MasterThe weekend on the island went well. Low-key, but well. And before you get your hopes up from the title, I do not have a picture of a dolphin to share with you. Sorry:-/

BUT, we did see a dolphin. In the wild. So, so, so cool. On Saturday we had packed up food, a camp-stove, & kick-balls and drove south for a cook-out. Village Park snuggles between the lighthouse, a rocky seawall, and a series of piers. The water between the rocks & the piers is apparently a favorite hangout spot for dolphins. Karl & Jen picked out a picnic table that had a great view of the ocean. The kids climbed and bounced in the giant live oak branches that shaded the entire picnic area. And I took pictures (of course).

We never did manage to get all the kids sitting and eating at the same time. But the food was ready in shifts anyway, so it didn’t matter. We knew the cousins had seen schools of dolphins from this very spot, so Megan kept one eye on her lunch and one eye on the ocean while she ate her hamburger. It was also quite windy, so we all ate with one hand and hung onto our plates with the other. And then Kurt says, “Look–there’s a dolphin!” We all turned to look, but didn’t see anything. When we turned back to the table, Kurt was chewing some of Megan’s Sun Chips that he’d stolen from her plate. Dangerous joke to play on a 12 year old;-)

Aunt Jen & Colonial BoyA little later we really did see a dolphin. It swam around in circles, surfacing frequently, for a good 10 minutes before going back out to sea. Megan and Anna watched nearly the whole time. I had enough time to call Ian out of the tree to see, but he was less impressed. I didn’t bother taking any pictures because it was too unpredictable where the dolphin would surface next. That and I just wanted to enjoy the moment with my eyes instead of a view-screen.

That evening back at the house, Aunt Jen made popcorn. Lots of popcorn with a real popper instead of the microwave. All the kids enjoyed large bowls of the crunchy treat. Tim (the youngest) was eating without hands–face in the bowl. Kurt and I didn’t fancy stealing any of his popcorn. But then Sarah came wandering by with her bowl. I said, “Look–there’s a dolphin!” Sarah wasn’t fooled, though. She just giggled and turned her body & bowl away so none of the grownups could steal her snack. Smarty.


Quotes of the Day
while dolphin-watching

Megan: Seeing a wild dolphin is in my wish-poem! I can’t wait to tell my teacher. Oh wait, do I have to rewrite it now?

Ian: [shrugs his shoulders] I’ve seen one before–when Grampa brought me here. Can I go play on the slide?



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