Hail Britannia?

I’ve grown up hearing that “things are bigger in Texas.” I’ve been to Texas–many times. But after today, I don’t think Texas has anything on Georgia. The bees are massive, as are the dragon flies. And check out this grape vine:
Giant Grape Vine
Yes, that tree-trunk-looking-thing Kurt’s leaning on is a GRAPE VINE. Point made.

The weather finally warmed up enough to swim. Fortunately for our kids, the right-coast Grausteins have a pool in their backyard. After I declared a raft-paddle off limits to both my children (don’t ask), they played well with their cousins in the pool. Megan gave Ian a piggyback ride in the pool–100 pounds is easier to lift in the water, afterall. She enjoyed flipping back to drench him off her back. Then Megan gave Cousin Sarah a piggyback ride–a much more comfortable 40 pound load. Cousin Anna preferred the trampoline, wetting it down with a garden hose everytime the black fabric got too hot in the sun. Ian thought that was hysterical and joined her for a bit. But ultimately he wanted the pool the most, and was rewarded with his first sunburn of the season. (He thinks it was well worth it.)

Hail BritanniaWe also toured Fort Frederica. The fort was just our speed: compact hands-on museum, 20 minute theatre-style movie, and lots of outdoor room & ruins to roam. Ian and Anna led the charge. Most of the grownups took the time to read the colonial British info plaques. Megan and I lagged behind taking pictures of the Spanish Moss and grape vines that draped nearly every tree so that they looked like they were melting. Bizarre. Seeing it on TV doesn’t nearly prepare you for the off-kilter feeling it gives in real life. The best part of the fort as far as I was concerned, though, was the flag planted at the remaining portion of the main fort wall (pictured here). Need I say more?


Quotes of the Day:

Kurt (after watching me take too many pictures of the flag):
Does this mean we’re done going to England this year?

Megan (taking her cousin for a piggyback ride in the pool):
Sarah, you’re way lighter than Ian!

Ian (to the tune of the Beatles “Yellow Submarine”):
We’re all jumpin’ on a water trampoline, a water trampoline, a water trampoline!



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