Head in the Sand

We arrived in Georgia on Tuesday just in time for lunch. Grammy and Aunt Jen had already made a stack of sandwiches. And we were hungry. The kids all took to each other immediately, so lunch was full of giggles–then off to the trampoline! (Oh, to have a stomach that strong again…)

Later in the afternoon, most of the adults watched Manchester United play Porto in the Champions League (soccer). As much of a Football maniac as I am, I chose to surf the web instead. Man U makes my blood boil, ask Kurt. It’s ugly:-( I won’t name names in this public arena, but if you want to know the whole story, just email & ask. I’ll be only too happy to tell you;-)

We’re staying in a condo nearby Karl & Jen (it pays to have connections), which is nice because the kids have their own room far removed from ours. So Kurt is actually sleeping this vacation. Very nice. Although both nights, Ian has claimed that his bed is too stiff and gives him “chest pain” and can he sleep on the couch. But seeing as the couch is in the direct path of the rising sun (with no curtains), we’ve chosen not to be woken at the crack of dawn. Instead we give him “Treasure Island” on my iPod to lull him to sleep in his bed.

Yesterday, Megan’s new babysitting experience came in handy. Most of us went to an inlet beach yesterday. Little Sarah didn’t want to go & neither did Megan, so the two of them played while the dads watched another Champions League match–this time Liverpool v. Chelsea. And the dads were actually able to watch the match. I would have stayed, but again: loooong story. Why can’t teams like Hull or Fulham or Portsmouth be in the Champions League for once?


The beach was neat. It’s next to a finger of water that ebbs and flows with the tide. Apparently at high tide there is no beach. The kids competed on digging the biggest hole while I saw my first jellyfish in the wild–or at least my first one that’s swimming instead of rotting on shore. Couldn’t get a camera lock, though. And birds. I saw three kinds of birds I’ve never seen before, but I forgot to bring my Peterson Guide. It was neat, though, to watch a giant flock of these birds (the white ones with big black patches on their wings) lift up en masse off the sandbar–shifting and turning, contracting and expanding.

And the hole digging contest? It was a tie, as judged by Grampa, so the prize went to the judge. Hmmmmm.


Quotes of the Day:

Kurt (after Jen asked why I wasn’t watching the Man U game with everyone):
I didn’t even tell her it was on. She doesn’t need the stress.

Ian (to Anna who was being silly in the van on the way to the beach):
Stop pulling your hair out–if you keep doing that, you’ll be a bald woman!

Megan (during a conversation about “disciple like teacher” at lunch):
I take after my mom–I keep hurting myself. Thanks for the genes, Mom!



4 thoughts on “Head in the Sand

  1. Love the head in the sand pic 🙂 that’s a classic one to keep!Pushing 70 up in Charlotte so I’m sure you are getting some heat and humidity down there!

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