Twistin’ the Night Away

Megan & Ian have heard me describe tornado drills in school. They laughed when I talked about hiding in the basement and their grandpa bringing the TV down with him. They even heard the traditional “10:00 a.m. Tuesday” tornado siren test when we were at the Lisle hotel last month. Well, last night they got to experience tornado weather for themselves.

We were all watching a video in the living room when I heard what I thought was rain. It was actually the wind blowing through the trees so hard they were bent 20 degrees with their leaves straining to stay on the branches. That’s when Megan and I saw the edge of the storm clouds bearing down. They were beautiful and scary at the same time, though they weren’t that creepy green/black. We closed some of the windows, but the kids were having nothing of it. They went down in the basement to watch live TV. The adults restarted the video and waited.

Five minutes later Ian starts shouting, “Tornado warning!” I went down to investigate and sure enough, Will County was included. Megan immediately ran upstairs, packed her suitcase, and went to the basement. (She hasn’t come out yet and it’s 9:00 the next morning.) The adults alternated between watching live TV to get the alerts and finishing the video. Er, I mean we watched the video until we heard Ian shout about new warnings on the TV…then switched over. The more detailed alerts said the funnel clouds were north of us. But people at the Cubs game had quite a show!


Quote of the Day

Both kids: MOM, there’s a tornado WARNING. Why are you staying upstairs?


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