Swim Lessons, Round 2

Some of you may remember posts on our old blog about Megan’s lake-based swim lessons two years ago. The highlight of these lessons was not her new ability to get her face wet, but the leech that rode home on her leg. Both kids needed no reminders this year to stay well clear of leech-ridden lilypads that line the swim area.

This year, we signed both kids up for lessons. At $25 per child for a 10 lesson session, who could resist? Especially when it is the same patient and amazing (and young and cute) swim instructor! But this is a small town. We never got any kind of confirmation that the kids were in the lessons, other than a cashed check. So we showed up yesterday and crossed our fingers.

Sure enough, both kids were enrolled. The swim instructor even remembered Megan and promptly said he would test both kids to see if they needed to be bumped up a level. After seeing the classes, I could see why. Megan was a foot taller and 3 years older than all the other kids in Level 2. Ian was even more gigantic compared to the one other kid in Level 1. Thanks to my mom & sister’s aquatic babysitting (there’s a pool at my mom’s apartment complex), Megan & Ian both tested out of the levels I had signed them up for; closing the size gap between them and their classmates–sort of.

We treated Kurt’s parents to seafood takeout for dinner afterwards. I’m not sure we got enough food: a pint of fried clams, 3 lobster rolls with fries, a fish & chips, and a quart of chowder–not to mention a pasta salad I made and broiled summer squash spears. Actually, we’re swimming in leftovers. So anyone who’s hungry is invited to dinner tonight!


Quote of the Day

This is a joint one, said while the kids were hiding in the garage and spying on the Amerigas man when he came to fill the tank. The man was having a typical plumber’s “wardrobe malfunction.”

Ian: Look! His underwear says, “Fruit of the Loom.”

Megan: It should say, “Fruit of the Moon!”


One thought on “Swim Lessons, Round 2

  1. Nice Quotes of the day. Also, I am envious of the swimming lessons: I have to postpone taking “Swimming Conditioning” until the spring because of scheduling conflicts.

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