One State Closer

We locked up the cabin and turned RIGHT at Hwy 108 for the first time–up the mountain instead of down toward home. The drive looked familiar until we passed Columns of the Giants. From there the road became as curvy as the entrance to Yosemite, just much less travelled. We wound up 3000 feet of elevation in 20 minutes. Then went down almost as rapidly, to the smell of burning brakes from the Mercedes wagon in front of us. At 9,500 feet we saw the tree line and a few patches of snow (our water source until the rains start again). On the other side of the mountains, the forest-green scenery switched to sage-green with large flat meadows. Gorgeous.

We were never officially welcomed to Nevada. We just knew we had made it because the gas pumps didn’t have fume-collars and the mini-mart had slot machines. Ian was absolutely transfixed. I left him at the donut counter watching 3 people throw their money away while I picked up snacks. We also drove through the state capitol, Carson City; at which point Megan had cell phone reception and called all her friends! 30 minutes and a bit of freeway later and here we are at the airport hotel washing up and about to sleep for a 5 a.m. departure.


Quotes of the Day

Megan: (going around hairpin turns in the Sonora Pass) You can look, Mom. We won’t go down the cliff. The trees will break our fall.

Ian: Ah, Nevada. Home of the slot machines.


One thought on “One State Closer

  1. China lets me see your blog!!! What a pleasant surprise! Most blogs are taboo. It is so nice to read your snippets of Americana. As refreshing as Dad’s homemade lemonade and potato salad. Keep them coming! I will luxuriate in the slices of normalcy. Cheers, Jessi! Hope you are having a good time!

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