From an Internet Cafe in Sonora, CA

(Yes, they do have an internet cafe in Sonora. Better than Rocklin!)

We’re off to a roaring start. After a cinnamon-roll breakfast at Alicia’s Sugar Shack, the kids and I went to Columbia State Historic Park. We’d been once before, but the last time was ten degrees hotter and four times as crowded. We rode on a mud wagon: so named because the lack of windows and doors allowed all the mud on the road to plaster the passengers. We were robbed by a bandit wearing a red kerchief…or we were almost robbed. He wasn’t interested in our cameras or a lady’s silver purse, so he told the driver to get us “yappin’ Yankees into town to do some diggin’.”

Once back to town we toured the fire house, bought sasparilla sodas, watched the lady blacksmith, then attended a street performance by jugglers. Kevin-the-Juggler was the same guy from last time, but he had a lovely sidekick this time. He must be making enough to add to his act:-) We were certainly rolling when he pulled out Mini-Mischief, a pantless baby doll dressed on top like a samurai. Kevin proceded to juggle Mini-Mischief (who screamed and complained) along with two bowling pins. Kevin also stood atop 2 trunks and a rolling balance board to juggle three knives…long curved knives. Ian was treated to juggling lessons after announcing to everyone that he had put $5 in the tip basket!

We finished by panning for gold in the cheap trough. No way I was going to pay $12 to guarantee my kids strike it rich. No guarantees for the miners, no guarantees for my kids learning about the miners!


Quotes of the Day

Ian: (While Kevin was pretending to struggle with cutting juggled apples with juggled knives) “Don’t get stressed!”

Megan: (In response to all the comments Ian made loudly to Kevin) “Could we just leave him here?”


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