Whirlwind Tour

So I went to bed at 12:30 a.m. and woke up at 5:15 a.m. I really did try to sleep longer, but when I heard the clock chime 6:00 I gave up. I wonder what Freud or Lacan would say about that…

My friend’s mom took me for a tour of the neighboring town/city yesterday afternoon. She showed me the new murals covering the levee wall. I’d forgotten how massive the Mississippi River was here. We went to the new park where the now-demolished old MO-IL bridge used to stand. It has a great view of the new bridge, which looks a bit like the new bridge in Boston. Twenty years ago when I lived here and looked at the old bridge, all I ever wanted to do was cross it and escape. But now, after having lived in IL a second time and leaving on my own terms, I could just admire the new bridge for the engineering marvel that it is.

The football game was fantastic. My high school has a great team, if I do say so myself. But it was COLD. I’d forgotten how much of a chill aluminum bleachers can give you. The cheerleaders were even wearing pants. Lots of people were chatting, and I was too. But after I reacted to a fumble, one of my classmates said, “Jess, you’re really watching the game. You always did, though, didn’t you?” (I also was the one to voluntarily crawl under the bleachers to retrieve my band-mates’ lost mouthpieces and music stands.)

The band was wearing the same uniforms we wore, just different hats. Apparently they are getting new uniforms next year. It’s pretty amazing to me that anything could survive 22 years of rotating teenagers! And there were so many of them. I don’t remember the marching band being that big when I was in it. Besides marching and playing, they are now learning to dance. I’m not sure it works. But still, the flaming-baton twirlers were pretty cool. And our drum cadence has always been (and still is) awesome.

I think our team won. At least it was 35 to 21 when I left in the last 4 minutes. I’d already survived being squeezed into people on the bleachers – I really wasn’t ready to squish-while-walking:-)

After the game, we went bowling in the old grocery store. No really, it’s been converted. They had the black lights on, so our shoe-strings and neon bowling balls glowed in the dark. I, in my infinite wisdom, wore all black which meant I could go undetected if I held real still. A lot of people brought their kids. Some of them even knew how to bowl! I far prefer football+bowling in October to a picnic in July. Well done, reunion committee!

A different friend drove me “home.” Her three boys were cute and quite intrigued by the fact that I live in California (especially since that’s where Lightning McQueen needed to get to in “Cars”). The youngest fell asleep in his car seat next to me. When the van pulled into the driveway and I opened the door to get out, the little guy woke up slightly and asked, “Is this California?”



3 thoughts on “Whirlwind Tour

  1. Hi Jessi,You still had a “quote of the day” Just not of your own kids! (“Are we in California?”) Cute!Did you find the kid wearing your old uniform and tell her who you were? 🙂I’ve got three boys now. Wow! Delivered the last one myself!Cheers!BL

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