Back in Misery…I mean Missouri

So I’ve flown by myself to the bootheel of Missouri for my 20 year high school reunion. After living in dry California for the last 12 years, I’m actually enjoying myself! The state actually does have a lot to offer – if you know where to look. (I’m not sure how I would feel if this reunion were taking place in July…) It’s fantastic to be staying with my best high-school friend and her family instead of in a hotel room. They’ve always given me refuge, though, so it’s a safe place to be.

I’ve hit several of my favorite local eating spots. This morning I walked into town – the photographic light was amazing. I forgot what dew looked like. There are very few sidewalks here, and I got lots of stares. I don’t think I looked homeless, but I guess no one walks. It took me an hour to reach town while taking pictures. The return trip only took 30 minutes – the light wasn’t right for more photos. (Now I know why the kids groan every time I get my camera out.) The insects are chattier here than at home. Must be the extra moisture. I can’t get over how green everything is, but I’ve been assured everything is quite dry from this year’s drought. Hmmm.

The high school has quadrupled in size. They plopped the math/science/administrative building right on top of the road we used to “drag race” on. We’re supposed to get a tour tonight before the football game. My old house is gone. I heard it burned down a while ago. Now there’s just a vacant lot and the garbage shed (at least that’s what I had to shovel out of the shed when we moved in). All the roads have widened and the chain stores moved in. There’s a lot of things the same, but a ton different.

Cheers for now,


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