Preparing for Spring Break ’07

Less than 72 hours to go before we launch again. Where? England – with the whole family!

While England isn’t most people’s idea of a desirable Spring Break location, there’s no where else I’d rather go: the cool weather & overcast skies (i.e. no heat/sun-induced migraines), the train travel (i.e. no stress-induced migraines), the historical treasures (i.e. photographic & literary subjects)… I’m hoping to infect the kids with my Anglophilia and yet still manage to give Kurt the vacation he desperately needs.

We’ve been preparing since September 2006: tickets and reservations, passports for the kids, new rolling luggage, books (including a guide to British wildlife – sorely needed last trip), camera repairs, waterproof moccasins, sturdy travel umbrellas, and lots of English food (the kids needed to practice/be desensitized).
I’ve looked up the location of the internet cafes near our hotels, so I will try to post at least every other day. Once we reach Reading, I may even be able to post pictures. No promises, though. If there’s anything I’ve learned in traveling with our kiddos, it’s BE FLEXIBLE;-)

5 thoughts on “Preparing for Spring Break ’07

  1. Jessi and Family, Have a great trip. I’d tag along if I could. Our spring break starts tomorrow. We are still wondering why we are in Georgia and pray God will send us back to Colorado. I look forward to reading about your vacation! Martha Brach

  2. Hi eveyone! Hey Ian…are you there? You left without me! My suitcase was all packed and you have the extra snacks! Maybe I can catch up with you sometime next week! Keep an eye out for me!Jessi, I scheduled a meeting on Wednesday, April 18th at 8:30 in regard to our conversations about next year! E-mail me if you have questions! 🙂Mrs. James

  3. Hello K, J, M and I!! Have a wonderful, exciting time. I sure would pick England for spring break. I’d pick it for anytime break! Looking forward to reading your blogs and seeing your photo’s when you return. Relax and enjoy!Deann H.

  4. Hi Kurt, Jessi, Megan and IanHope you had a wonderful flight to England. I am sure you enjoyed the train ride to your hotel.Have fun.Love, Grammy

  5. Hi Jess-Thanks for the updates. Sounds like you are having a great visit.How’s your accent?Love,Dad

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