Melting Down in London Town

night time is the best time for walking around London

Well, my adjustment to London went as I feared. Our hotel had overbooked and they sent us across town. Shouldn’t have been a big deal, but you know me and my control-freakish nature.

Anyway, on Wednesday we unpacked and walked around Hyde Park (not as scary as the noisy streets). Then we went to bed early.

On Thursday we went to Kew Gardens and walked around half of it (which took 4 hours), then waited on the train platform for 2 blocks of 25 minutes before
catching connections back to Hyde Park so we could see the State Rooms at Kensington Palace. We hung out at the hotel, but decided it was too much of a waste. So we hopped back on the tube (finally running smoothly
again) and walked across Milennium Bridge and around St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Today we toured the Tower of London, walked across Tower Bridge, and used the bathrooms at Buckingham Palace (after viewing artwork in the Queen’s Gallery of course). We are contemplating a night walk around
the Houses of Parliament tonight. We’ll see how the feet feel after dropping all our souvenirs off at the hotel.

Rather than being really descriptive about our last few days (not in the mood), I’m going to give you some comparisons. Use your imagination as to why these
comparisons are being made. I assure you that real life is funnier: (C=Cotswolds, L=London)

best train system: C
best bathroom in train system: C
best park bathroom: L
best hand dryers in bathrooms of any kind: L
(Note: The Tower of London’s Bathrooms won the coveted “Loo of the Year Award” in 1998, 2000, 2003, and 2005 – though the posh stainless steel hand dryers and marble sinks in the Queen’s Gallery were a sight to be seen)
best hotel staff: C (BY FAR!)
most tourist friendly signage: C!!!!!
most history per square km: L
easiest to find history once off the train: C
most English food per restaurant: C
most drunken people per sidewalk: C
best buskers (people who play music for coins): C – (although the guy who played Pink Floyd on his guitar on our tube train today was pretty good – I just
didn’t appreciate being a captive audience member.)
smallest restaurant: L
biggest percentage of Monty Python moments: L (except for the Trebuchet at Warwick Castle)
most sirens in the middle of the night: hmm, can’t decide
best TV reception: C
biggest percentage of British television programmes: home on BBC America!!!!!!


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