Another Day, Another Adventure

We had another brilliant day yesterday. We caught upwith Kurt’s work mates in Reading. They have a really nice open plan work space and Kurt got to meet some people he’s only emailed or been on phone conferences with.

We also got final confirmation that we have tickets to the Charleton/Tottenham English Premier League Football Match, so Kurt is thrilled. We were going to do a walking club walk, but instead I got to experience my first English rain. It only lasted 30 minutes.

In the meantime, one of Kurt’s mates drove us to Henley on Thames and insisted we check out the River & Boating Museum. It was really interesting, though the archaeological portions were better than the boat portions for me. They also had a cute interactive exhibit with a condensed version of”The Wind in the Willows.”

Narrowboat on the Thames

We walked along the Thames for a bit and I got to take my first pictures. (Yes, I’ve only taken 20 MB of my 4 GB so far!) We found a nice window table and had cream tea overlooking the river.

We caught the train with all the commuters and made our way back to Oxford. We found the local movie theatre – but wouldn’t youknow – they were all American films. No wonder they think we’re all crazy over here. The movie we saw must have been re-cut for a British audience with extra language, etc. We walked back from the theatre through crowds of drunk Oxford students, past Bobbies with lime-green reflector jackets, and in front of a paddy-wagon with a riot shield perched above the windscreen.

It’s a gorgeous, crisp blue day today. So we’re going to attempt the train to Stratford on Avon. Not sure about the limited service on weekends so we may only make it to Banbury. Wish us luck!

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