Day 2 and Still Alive

If I make typos,forgive me. There is a # key where enter is supposed to be and a \ where shift is supposed to be.

I’m writing from an internet cafe (my first ever) on the High Street in Oxford. Everything has gone splendidly! Our ‘hotel’ is perfect, but not in an american sense. There are 5 rooms attached to a pub and we have the bay window room, street level, on the end with our own private entrence (with those cool high-up door knobs). I get to look up at brown stone buildings surrounding the car park and hear gravel crunch every time we take a jaunt.

Turf's brick in the wall

Our dinner place was suggested by a regular to the pub, who though ‘born and bred’ here, has been to the states and told us that the pub/restaurant looked far on the map. But compared to the distances on ‘bloody **** american maps’ it would really only take 5 minutes. He gave excellent directions, including walking down the ‘dodgy alleyway just before the arch’ with the name of the pub written with black marker on one small brick in the alley wall. Excellent Steak & Ale pie! We were definitely the only americans in the place, though we did hear some scandinavians. This regular also invited us to a once a year festival to
raise funds for the local boatyard on Sunday – wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Ate a full English breakfast – my first beans on toast – along with egg, sausage, and the most incredible ham. Plus REAL english tea in an english teapot at a table in ENGLAND!

So for the record, I have already accomplished all my goals for this vacation. I have listened to more accents than I dreamed possible, I have had a delicious pint at the pub (where I learned by watching that half pints are available – very key information for the remainder of the trip), and I’ve had my cup of tea in the morning overlooking a cobblestone street and container garden.



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